2017 Audi A5 vs. 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300

In motoring circles, it is generally agreed that Audi and Mercedes are among the top marques that truly represent luxury in its purest form. They are usually well made, and if you are willing to spend a little more you could end up with even more special features. Auto buyers in Eastchester New York may be torn between the 2017 Audi A5 and the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300. While both cars might seem to have similar specifications, there are a few things that set the Audi apart from the Mercedes, making it the better deal.

Design & Style

On looks, you can easily tell that the Audi and the Mercedes are top of the range luxury cars. The 2017 Mercedes 300 has a beefy appearance, with prominent bulges along the sides of the car. The wheel arches are not so pronounced, so the beefiness is somewhat toned down. Overall, the car looks aggressive.

The Audi A5, on the other hand, has a cleaner and more grown up profile. It has softer creases on the body as well as the hood. The clean lines make it look more elegant compared to the Mercedes. In the interior, the Audi A5 comes with a Sunroof as standard, which is an option you have to pay for if you buy the Mercedes.

The Audi A5 has many high-tech amenities as standard, as befits a luxury sedan. These include driver and passenger power seats, leather trim, adequate front and rear leg room and a commodious trunk to boot. Some of the exciting features include a configurable virtual cockpit, a crisp center console display, two USB ports as well as a Qi charging spot for charging your mobile phone and semi-autonomous auto-pilot.

Technology & Safety

Being high end vehicles, you would be right to expect excellent technology and advanced safety features. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 sports driver and passenger power seats, USB connectivity, ATTENTION ASSIST, collision prevention technology and advanced passenger restraint systems. The Audi goes further by having all the above and adding other features such as a bezel-less rearview mirror for improved visibility, active cruise control, rear-cross traffic alert systems and more. Generally, you will get more in the way of technology in the Audi.

The Audi team has gone all out in ensuring that the driver and passengers in any 2017 Audi A5 are as safe as possible. This is courtesy of systems such as multiple airbags including side, rear, side head and passenger air bags. It also has a rear body air bag, ABS, a blind spot monitor, daytime running lights, brake assist and night vision. Basically, the chances of getting involved in an accident are much lower in the Audi.


A common misconception in the motoring industry is that luxury and performance are mutually exclusive. This is a misconception that is clearly debunked by the Audi. The 2017 Mercedes-Benz has a 2.0 inline-4 engine coupled to a 7 speed G-TRONIC gear box. This gives it a power output of 241 horsepower at 5,500 rpm.

When you buy the 2017 Audi A5, you can choose from a selection of 5 engines, three of which are diesel engines. The base model (and therefore the commonest) is a 2.0 liter turbocharged inline-4 engine capable of producing 252 horsepower at 5,000 rpm. It also produces 273 lb-ft of torque at 1600 rpm as well. The Audi is therefore more powerful compared to the Mercedes-Benz. However, if you want even more power, you could order one that has a greater power output. Whatever engine you choose, it will be coupled to a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, and a six-speed manual is also available.

The Bottom Line

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 is an excellent car, but the 2017 Audi A5 is better in more ways than one. It's more powerful, gives you more options in terms of engine choices, looks more chic and is generally more comfortable, and pleasant to drive.

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